Goldenmark: The Kingsmen Chronicles #3 (30-Day Guarantee, Any Device Download)

Goldenmark: The Kingsmen Chronicles #3 (30-Day Guarantee, Any Device Download)

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**The epic conclusion to the #1 bestselling trilogy! Available for any device or eReader!**

Blood soils the hands of the righteous. Darkness fills the hearts of the brave. Enemies must rise as one under a terrifying magic that could destroy them all, as nations fall to an ancient and ruthless power in this epic series conclusion.

“A wonderfully layered novel with spectacular world-building; a complex plot with layers of intrigue and compelling, damaged characters.” – JC Kang, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Once in a while a phenomenon happens. When it does, all existing icons are tumbled. New standards get set. A new legend gets born. This Kingsmen series is such a phenomenon.” – Manie Kilian, Amazon Reviewer

“An amazing masterpiece that brings dark and gritty storytelling to the forefront. Imaginative and downright compelling, Jean Lowe Carlson is a master storyteller. A rightful comparison to George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie, and Patrick Rothfuss of The Kingkiller Chronicles fame.” – Alina Hart, Amazon Reviewer

“An epic tale of love, heartache, horror, lust, hope, death, and redemption. I cried, laughed and had to stop myself from chewing my nails!” – Jennifer Manning, Amazon Reviewer